​Ford display adjuster EOLT

​This project was carried out by CBG Automation for Brose. We were asked to develop software for the PLC S7 1500. It is a two-position carousel with an ABB robot that tests the functionality and mechanical properties of the final component. The device is connected to a MES system from STIWA which controls the process, collects test data and graphically displays the mechanical properties. This project was very interesting due to the use of a modern 3D force sensor

EOLT Aludyne

​This project was carried out by Aura Engineering for aludyne. We were asked to develop software for PLC S7 1500. We created the SW according to the already functional equipment so that the control would be friendly for operators who already have experience with a similar machine. The device checks the quality of components after CNC machining. Components enter the device on the conveyor where they are read by a 3D camera that recognizes the type of component and passes the position information to the robot so that the component can be gripped correctly. Next, hole clearance checks are performed and precise measurements of the given holes are taken. The device is connected to a local database system which provides data collection and process flow control.


​This The project was completely implemented by our company. The customer's requirement was to create a new calibration part and implement a new type of production in the equipment. We created a 3D
design of the calibration part, which was manufactured after approval by the customer. Subsequently
the FANUC robot software was modified so as not to affect the existing equipment