​​Diagnosis and service of equipment

​Diagnosis of existing equipment in terms of mechanical and software aspects with the possibility of improving or modifying the current state of the equipment. We have experience with equipment where the customer has no documentation or software. We can offer to complete or create new documentation.

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​PLC/HMI programming

​Development or modification of existing PLC and HMI software according to customer requirements. We have extensive experience in PLC and HMI programming from Siemens but can also offer other brands such as Allan-Bradly. Raspberry PI or arduino can also be used for low-budget applications

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Robot programming

​Development or modification of existing Fanuc and ABB robot software

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​​Data collection and production control (MES)

​Implementation of database systems for data collection and process control.
We have experience in implementing many different database systems and can adapt to each customer's requirements. We have also developed database solutions for medium and small projects that require data collection and process flow control.

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​​Parameterisation of industrial components

​We offer parameterization of most available industrial components.

  • Scaner Cognex, Sick, Keyence
  • Camera Cognex, Sick, Keyence
  • Electric axis Festo, Siemens
  • Printer Zebra, TSC, CAB, Hitachi
  • ​Laser marking Keyence
  • IO modul MURR, Balluff, IFM, Festo
  •  Sensor Balluff, Sick, Keyence, IFM, Festo
  • ​Measuring unit Keyence, Burster, Kistler
  • ​Safety units Pilz, Sick
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3D design

​We offer design of single-purpose equipment, injection moulds, Calibration jigs and components, Conveyors, Slides, Workbenches, Aluminium and welded frames

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Electro design

​We offer E-CAD design of single-purpose devices

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​CNC production

​A wide range of machined materials and a combination of technologies gives customers the scope to realise turnkey orders under one roof. Machining materials such as TOOLOX, HARDOX, hardened steels up to 68 HRC, tool and structural steels, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic are a daily routine for us

Raven Engineering 

​Production is provided by Raven Engineering with whom we work closely and thanks to this we can offer Quality services in the field of CNC machining

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​​Development of automation equipment

​We offer complete development of single-purpose equipment from design through production to the final revival of the equipment at the customer's site.

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